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Enterprise— For ELA purposes, this means the State of Wisconsin as an employer-organization, and all its agencies including the University of Wisconsin System.  

Academy—A learning environment of peers/colleagues who receive specialized training; for ELA purposes, the specialized training is in the area of leadership.

Shared Services— An organizational efficiency approach involving several units (e.g., departments, divisions) sharing common services, such as administrative, legal, technical, and/or financial support services.  

Applied Project— For ELA purposes, this means a project defined and worked on collectively by a group of ELA participants.  The objective is to produce a final document or report which is presented at the end of the ELA program.

Certified Public Manager— The Wisconsin Certified Public Manager Program (WCPM) is a nationally-accredited certificate program for managers in federal, state and local government and in tribal and non-profit organizations. (CPM definition)

360° assessment—A form of assessment/evaluation in which an employee’s superiors, peers/co-workers, subordinates, and customers are afforded an opportunity to provide input about the person’s work performance. 

Leadership Network— An established network of intra- and inter- agency contacts in leadership positions which can be utilized to problem solve, share best practices, and resource-share. 



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