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Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy
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The nomination and selection process for the Enterprise Leadership Academy (ELA) includes advance notice of selection, and a requirement that the participant accepts or declines selection.  We strongly encourage Academy applicants to prepare to attend all sessions if selected, to block off time on their calendars for attendance and participation, and to plan in advance for work and coverage needs during their participation in the program. 

Since the ELA program generally receives more applications than the limited number of seats available, this Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy should be viewed as applicable only to extraordinary situations.  Please be certain to review other relevant sections of the ELA Policies & Guidelines.

If a participant must cancel or withdraw enrollment in the Enterprise Leadership Academy, then OSER must be notified in writing.  This can be done via E-Mail at osertraining@Wisconsin.gov or to the attention of ELA Training, Office of State Employment Relations. 


If written notice of cancellation is received five or more working days prior to the start date of the first academy session, there will be no cancellation fee except for any actual costs incurred up to that point (for example, participant utilization of the assessment tool). 


If written notice of cancellation is received one to four working days prior to the start date of the first academy session, there will be a cancellation fee equivalent to 10 percent of the total program participation fee. 



Due to costs incurred, full course fees for the entire academy will be billed if a participant withdraws after completing 33 percent of the scheduled academy program, regardless of the reason for withdrawal.  


If a participant withdraws prior to completing 33 percent of the scheduled academy program, (including any portion of the first day of the first session), cancellation fees will include any costs incurred up to that point.  This includes instructional costs for any portion of sessions attended; materials, supplies, equipment, and catering costs and any assessment tools purchased on behalf of the participant; plus an administrative fee.



We expect to hold all ELA sessions as scheduled.  If an ELA session must be cancelled for extraordinary reasons, participants will receive as much notice of cancellation as possible and the session will be rescheduled if at all possible.  Participants should plan to attend the entire academy as scheduled.




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Last Modified:  1/7/2015 11:51:48 AM
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