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ELA Policies & Guidelines
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Attendance at classes or other learning events demonstrates a commitment to the learning process and to your fellow participants.  Participants are expected to attend all sessions in the program.  Participants may have an excused absence only for critical personal illness or emergency, or family emergency (such as the critical illness of a family member).  Work-related absences will be considered excused only if it is a documented emergency (example: catastrophic event such as tornado or fire).  Participants who miss a class are expected to connect with a fellow participant and the instructor(s) to ensure they have received the information from the class. Any missed assignments are expected to be submitted at a date mutually agreed upon by the participant and instructor.   Read the detailed Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy.



Participants are expected to treat personal or agency information they share or receive in class as confidential and not to be repeated in either oral or written form outside the class.


Commitment to Participation:

Participants will be expected to sign a statement of commitment to full participation.  Full participation includes completion of in-class and out of class assignments, pre- and post-assessments, and any other identified requirements for program completion.  Agency leadership will be advised of participantsí completion of all requirements.



Participants are expected to keep their immediate supervisors or other key agency managers informed as to their progress in the program, information they have learned and concerns they have.



Evaluations are a key tool in helping to build a useful and effective program for future participants.  Participants are expected to evaluate classes fairly and honestly, and to share concerns regarding the program directly with the programís administration and/or instructors.


Self Assessment

Participants are expected to complete the programís pre-assessment.


Program Administration and Instructional Staff



Program administration and staff are expected to develop and deliver the highest quality professional development program possible.



Program administration and staff are expected to respond in a timely manner to agency and participant concerns, and to make any reasonable modifications.



Program administration and staff are expected to abide by high ethical standards in the preparation, and delivery of the program as well as in their relationships with participants and agencies.



In accord with the United States Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 ("the Buckley Amendment") and Chapter 19 (Section 36) of the Wisconsin Statutes regarding public records, all materials produced by students in the program and all records regarding student perfor­mance in the program are not open to general public review.  Use of student-produced materials in classes or in other public forums is strictly prohibited unless specific written permission is given by the student.   



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