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Nomination & Selection Process
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To nominate an employee for the State of Wisconsin Enterprise Leadership Academy (ELA) Program, please follow the selection and nomination steps below.

Step One:  Identify Potential Participants

Potential participants will be State of Wisconsin managers or supervisors at pay range 81-03 or higher, in a counterpart position, or an unclassified administrator.  Nominees will have a minimum of 5 years supervisory or management experience.  Experience in the public or private sector is considered but at least two of the five years should be in the public sector

Please refer to the Nomination and Selection Criteria for additional guidance on the well-qualified candidate.

Step Two:  Complete Nomination Form

Nominations can be made by a supervisor or other agency employee who is in a position as a manager or supervisor at the 81-03 pay range or higher, or in a counterpart position, or an unclassified administrator.


A qualified nominator will complete a Nomination Form.  This form asks for basic contact information as well as a statement of his/her assessment of the nominee's ability to be a strong leader within Wisconsin state government.  Final approval of the nomination and application must be by signature of the agency head.  Note: Employees may not self-nominate.


Step Three:  Complete Application Form

Upon notification of his/her nomination, the nominee will complete an individual application form and statement. This form asks for basic contact information, education history, past supervisory or management training courses taken, as well as a statement as to what the applicant believes he or she will gain from and can contribute to the ELA program.  Applicants’ statements will be a significant portion of scoring criteria. Applicants are encouraged to put significant thought into this part of their submission.

Step Four:  Submit Nomination and Application Forms

Upon completion of Nomination and Application Forms and with agency head approval, submit both forms (with any attachments) in the same envelope to: 


ELA Program

OSER/DMRS Training

Inter-D Mail:   101 E. Wilson Street, 4th Floor       -or-

U.S. Mail:   P.O. Box 7855, Madison, WI  53707-7855


All nominations and application forms must be received by 4:30 on January 5, 2015.

Step Five:  Selection Process

The Selection Committee, may be comprised of representatives from: the Certified Public Manager program, the Office of State Employment Relations, Affirmative Action and other qualified individuals as identified.  The committee will review all nomination applications and make their selection in early January, 2015.  Thirty (30) candidates will be selected to participate in the ELA program.


Step Six:  Selection Notification

Selection notices will be sent out in January, 2015. A selected candidate will have until the third week of January to provide formal, written acceptance of their reserved place in the ELA class.  Selected candidates will continue to receive more information as the program start date nears via email, inter-departmental mail or updates to the ELA website.


Step Seven:  Participants Complete Pre-Program 360° Leadership Practices Inventory

Commitment to completion of pre-assessments is critical to long-term evaluation of our programs.  All participants will be required to complete a pre-assessment prior to the start of the program. 


Step Eight:  Program Begins

Classes for the 2015 Enterprise Leadership Academy program will begin February 10, 2015.  The curriculum overview gives a detailed account of class meeting dates and locations for the duration of the program.



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