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Nomination & Selection Criteria
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The Nomination & Selection Criteria for the 2015 State of Wisconsin Enterprise Leadership Academy (ELA) is as follows:


1.  The well qualified applicant:

    • Is a State of Wisconsin manager or supervisor at pay range 81-03 or higher, in a counterpart position, or an unclassified administrator
    • Has a minimum of five years supervisory or management experience.  Experience in the public or private sector is considered, but at least two of the five years should be in the public sector
    • Has not completed the Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program, or made substantial progress toward CPM completion
    • Has a continuing desire to learn, and the ability to think critically, creatively problem-solve and apply new knowledge appropriately to the work environment

2.  The Selection Committee will give preference to those applicants with past supervisory or management experience with the State of Wisconsin.  Thirty (30) candidates will be selected to participate in the program.


3.  Nominations can be made by a supervisor or other agency employee who is in a position as a manager or supervisor at the 81-03 pay range or higher, in a counterpart position, or an unclassified administrator.   Note: Employees may not self-nominate.


4.  An applicant must be able to commit to the established classes for the period of the program and agree to abide by program policies and guidelines.


5.  The Selection Committee will consider both the nomination form and the individual application to evaluate the candidate’s potential for successful participation in the program.


6.  The program strives to have a diverse group in terms of geographic location, agency size and occupation. The program will also strive for representation of women, minorities, people with disabilities and other protected groups.


7.  An applicant must obtain Agency Head approval in addition to the above nomination requirement.


8.  Only complete nomination and application packets will be considered. 

Nomination/application packet and forms 


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