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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
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What is the ELA program?

The Enterprise Leadership Academy (ELA) program is a defined leadership training program developed by the Office of State Employment Relations in collaboration with the Certified Public Manager program. 

Why was this program developed?

This program was developed in response to requests from agency leaders and staff for an enterprise-level leadership development program.  As the State begins to see increased numbers of retirements over the coming years, it will become even more necessary to ensure we are providing top-flight training to our existing and new leaders.  As the State continues to look for cost-effective and high-quality ways to use state resources, leaders need to be able to problem solve with a global approach through utilization of a shared services approach.  The ELA provides opportunities for all leaders from different agencies to address common problems and network across agencies. 

Who is eligible to participate in the ELA program?

To see who is eligible, please refer to the nomination and selection criteria

Are there other programs are available like the ELA program?

We used input from the pilot program participants to identify, develop, and align training curricula to best meet the needs of future and new leaders.  Currently, there are two programs, the Enterprise Leadership Academy (ELA), and the Enterprise Management Development Academy (EMDA).  The EMDA is focused on the development of future and new leaders.  We remain committed to continous improvement of our Enterprise Academy training programs.

Will I be able to use the hours earned toward my Certified Public Manager certification?

Yes, the ELA program will qualify for 114 hours toward that certification.

How do I get nominated?

A nomination and application process has been established.  Please go to http://www.ela.wi.gov/section.asp?linkid=735&locid=99 for a copy of the information packet.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the program will be $1,995 per participant. 

Will my agency cover the cost?

Agencies will be billed directly for the cost.

What is the time commitment?

The ELA 2015 program runs from , February 10, 2015 until November 11, 2015.  Classes will be held two days per month and participants are required to attend all classes.  A final applied project, which will be worked on in part during classes and will be presented at the last session.  A graduation ceremony will be held during the last session.

How do I ensure that I will be given the time needed to participate?

There is strong support for this program.  Your agency leaders are expected to support your participation by making time available to you for class attendance.

Will all the classes be in Madison?

The 2013 ELA classes will be held in Madison.  More information on class locations is available here.

Where can I view the curriculum?

The curriculum can be viewed at the following link: http://www.ela.wi.gov/section.asp?linkid=735&locid=99 

Is this program a repeat of the Certified Public Manager Program?

While some of the courses are similar to some of the CPM courses, some teachers are different and all of the content is being geared to experienced state government managers.  Even if you have taken some CPM courses, you will likely get some new information in the ELA program which will be relevant to your work.  However, if you have completed the CPM program, or have made substantial progress toward CPM completion, this program would not be best suited to your advanced training.

Additional questions should be directed to Jennifer Gebert, Office of State Employment Relations, at Jennifer.gebert@Wisconsin.gov.



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